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Worldcup Roundup

One month of World Cup journey is finally over and the best team goes home with the trophy. Over the course of the journey, we witnessed the pain of Spain, a great team surrendering their crown without a fight. We saw a zeal-less Brazil who performed an emotional drama in the expense of their favorite son which failed to inspire themselves, and also failed to earn the sympathy of the opponents, and ultimately made Christ, the Redeemer wince and hide his face in shame – shame, shame puppy shame!! Then there was a nation which put its faith on a pair of nimble feet to win the trophy for them all alone, but Argentina and Messi made a mess of it.

We saw a hungry man (hungry and fighting for success – Suarez, obviously) habitually sinking his teeth into Italian meat which eventually made his team ‘toothless’ and crash out. The man who was the victim ironically featured for a team which would have done a lot better had they showed a little bit of ‘bite’ and ambition. They were the only team which, while trailing, made you feel like they are 2 goals up.

We saw a team whose nickname happens to be ‘Three Lions’, left London with a roar, and came back as quickly as they left, with tails tucked behind their legs and their voice unrecognizably changed due to their shocking experience, now a mere ‘meow’ of a house cat.

What an incredible experience, overall!! The safe hands of Neur, the dancing legs of the Colombians, the teeth of Suarez, the vertebra of Neymar, and the golden ‘ball’ of Messi. In the end, in the grandest of stages, it was all about balls, and the lack of it. Hitler once said, “who has balls, wins”!! (Who Dares Wins), and it’s his country men who proved they have what it takes to win.


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This entry was posted on July 14, 2014 by in PS Exclusive.
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