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Arsene Wenger – an inspiration for the fan who lost his house

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Despite Arsenal playing some fantastic football and being the best team in England so far this season, one of their fans has found out that you still cannot bet your house on them.

Henry Dhabasani, an Arsenal fan from Uganda bet his family house on Arsenal beating Manchester United at Old Trafford with his friend, a United fan, who put his new Toyota Premio car and his WIFE on the table. The wager was approved by the tribal leaders and it was put in letters. At the final whistle at Old Trafford, the United man got to keep his wife, but the Arsenal man lost his house.

Incidentally, Robin Van Persie, the ex-Arsenal man, didn’t just beat his old club, but also denied one of its fan the chance to enjoy life with a United fan’s wife and add up to the collection of wives he already has (3 wives) – what a humiliation for the Arsenal fans! No wonder why many Arsenal fans are mad at Van Persie.

According to reports, Henry Dhabasani, his three wives and five children were kicked out of the house by Manchester United fans after the game. Henry Dhabasani must be heart-broken at what Robin Van Persie did to him but if the Ugandan Arsenal fan is looking for a source of inspiration to bounce back from his loss, he doesn’t need to look no further than his beloved team’s manager. The story of this Arsenal fan has striking similarities to the plight of Arsene Wenger at the beginning of the season.

Wenger almost came to the streets when his own people asked him to vacate the house (Emirates Stadium and his Job) he so painstakingly and meticulously built. And just like Wenger, who saw so many of his transfer targets (Rooney – for example) slipping through his fingers, his Ugandan fan has missed an opportunity to acquire the prized asset (United Man’s Wife) of a rival.

Wenger might want to give the Ugandan fan a few words of inspiration. Perhaps he would say, “Just don’t worry man, if a Rooney goes, an Ozil comes. That’s life. Cheer Up”.

With Southampton visiting Arsenal at home next weekend, Henry Dhabasani may be tempted to take another chance, but Southampton being in terrific form, it may not be a smart idea to risk yet another house even if a Southampton man’s woman is put on the line.


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