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Hail Ozil, glory days are here again – the story of Arsenal Football Club

arsenalFor months, the passionate citizens of the kingdom of Arsenal had been staging minor agitations against their King for his allegedly waning efficiency in managing the kingdom despite the King turning them into one of the top 4 strongest kingdoms in the region and guiding them to crowning victories over all their rivals on 3 occasions in the past in his 16 year reign so far. The citizens claimed that the Kingdom has been in the decline for several years ever since the headquarters was shifted from Highbury to Emirates and since General Henry of France left the Fort of Emirates to Spain and accused the King of neglecting the slump in army strength and living in the past glory of the Highbury days. The astounding growth of all their neighboring kingdoms which had been threatening to oust their status as one of the super powers worried the people of Arsenal, and they were also unhappy about the fact the Kingdom of Arsenal had also become a subject of ridicule in recent times. But the King staunchly rebuffed the accusations and claimed that the Kingdom of Arsenal has enough wealth in reserve to raise above all rivals. The people wanted the King to use the wealth to recruit efficient soldiers to strengthen the army, but the King dismissed them and refused to part with his wealth. The people of Arsenal threatened to revolt and dethrone him. The King became anxious.

If there was one man who was under intense pressure to deliver new players more than anybody else in the entire English premier league, it was Arsene Wenger. For years, the Arsenal team had looked extremely thin in terms of depth. They were short of options in almost every position. The board and fans wanted Wenger to spend but Wenger, for some reason, had resisted it and stood firm by the belief his team could cope. But season after season, his team finished the campaign empty handed. Sometimes it was down to injuries to important players and other times it was a case of his team simply running out of gas.

This year the pressure was even higher, largely mooted by the spending spree of their London neighbor, Tottenham Hotspur. And, Wenger himself boldly announced that he was finally ready to splash the cash, but one by one their targets slipped through their fingers. Higuain was expected to join, but he chose to take the Italian route to Napoli. The farcical bid for Luis Suarez made the club a laughing stock. A bid to land Yohan Cabaye also failed. Scores of other players were also rumored to have been placed under the transfer radar, but none materialized.

Some fans even started to think that Wenger was bidding for players without any real intention of buying and saw the bids as a ploy to appease the agitating fans. Wenger may have thought that if Arsenal could open the season impressively, the fans may soon forget about bringing in new players – just like all the previous seasons, but he lost his first match. Though he won back some credibility and temporarily made the fans forget about transfers by winning the next two games, particularly the one against Spurs, he was still a man under extreme pressure getting into the deadline day.

And what happened on that day was something like a fantasy tale. The man, who was ridiculed and criticized for months over his transfer policy, became a transfer magical in a matter of hours. Arsenal fans across the world went delirious. They have landed a super star, at last!! Fans dusted off their old O2 Arsenal shirts and edited the O2 into Ozil and took the streets to show off their sudden surge in their love for their club. Some fans couldn’t simply believe that their club had spent so much money on one single player. They were jokes doing the rounds that Arsenal actually signed Ozil look-alike American author Paul Auster as he was cheaper.

But, if Arsenal fans could remove their jersey and think logically, the purchase of Ozil would suggest nothing but a panic buy or a luxury buy at £ 42.5 million since United were offered Ozil twice during the course of the summer for cheaper price. Ozil, as claimed by Mourinho, is perhaps the best No.10 in the world, but No.10 is not the most pressing need at Arsenal. They badly need a striker to support Giroud and that position remains strangely unfilled. Well, whatever it is and whatever the future holds for Arsenal FC, the Arsenal fans are in no mood to remove their re-branded Ozil shirts. For now…

The kingdom of Arsenal is in joy. They sing, “Hail Ozil” all day and night. They have realized how wrong and shameful they were to denounce their King. Once again they have proclaimed their love and support for the King. Arsene Wenger, the King. Long live the King.

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